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Topics: New South Wales, Australia, Obesity Pages: 4 (1250 words) Published: October 10, 2013
LivFit is currently a leader in health and wellness in the United States, operating over 200 successful LivFit centers in 40 states across the nation. The LivFit center has successfully produced positive results for clients by offering training instruction, diet plan counseling, and premium patented supplements. The combination of this three pronged approach has proven itself successful for thousands of our American customers. A diversified training program offers many different options for clients with different needs. The cross-fit training program works well for more active members looking for fast results through strenuous exercise. Led by skilled instructors, these classes are dedicated at producing immediate results for the dedicated member. LivFit sports clubs offer each member access to other LivFit members with similar sporting interests. Weekly basketball, football, tennis, soccer, running, and walking clubs provide great opportunities for individuals to participate together with other members in sports they enjoy. These clubs are effective for our clients because of their low cost and high enjoyment values. Meeting places for these activities are located in close proximity to the centers, usually in public parks and recreation areas where little or no cost is required. The yoga program offers various levels of professional instruction, and it assists many various age groups in achieving a quality workout. The LivFit Fat Burner is the most successful selling supplement the company offers. This patented weight loss supplement has helped thousands of our clients experience proven weight loss; LivFit guarantees results of 3 to 5 pounds lost per week on average while on this program. The LivFit Fat Burner supplement is by far the most profitable product throughout the company. Adults are highly encouraged to use the supplements as an expediter for quality, consistent weight loss. LivFit also offers a quality selection of healthy snacks, and...
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