Media and Technological Inventions

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Electronic and Digital Media
November 4, 2010
Professor Dave Sarnowski

Electronic and Digital Media Industry
Technology has played a big role in electronic and digital media. Technological inventions keep companies competing in the same areas. “Digital and electronic media today is plentiful with the information highway (Internet) providing answers at our fingertips, along with cell phones that are equipped with cameras and Internet connection”(Thomas 2010). Today media has a major impact on society. Since technology is ever changing, society is forced to keep up with the technological changes and advances. From satellite television to wireless electronics, society wants all the new technological inventions ever made. Society has grown dependent on electronic products, spending less time with people and more time on the internet. Before television was invented kids were forced to play outside with the neighborhood children. Before the internet or World Wide Web, libraries were used religiously allowing everyone to research on their own and take time to read books. Digital cameras allow us to capture moments, save print and share. With inventions like memory cards, we are able to save any and everything. Today computers are used in schools for easier access to topics discussed in class. Without chemical and electronic technological inventions society would be still looking for ways to invent and create.

Chemical and electronic technologies of photography, recording and transmissions have advanced since its discovery. When Joseph Niepce figured out a way to capture images on light sensitive material in 1826, photography was created. Thomas Edison invented the phonograph, the first recording and playback machine, in 1877. The telegraph enabled long distance communication and was invented in 1844 by Samuel Morse. Samuel Morse convinced congress to connect electricity wired post from Washington to Baltimore using his coded communication....
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