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Summary of the case:
This case presented a perfect scenario which describes how human needs, wants and some basic problems lead to innovation. The basic problem of smelly and sweaty feet, led Mario Moretti Ploegato used his pocketknife to cut holes in the soles of his sneakers, thereby creating the first pair of shoes that breathe. It took him many years to develop and patent a breathable membrane for shoes that would allow feet to breathe while remaining watertight. Initially none of the existing manufacturers showed interest in his product. He thus decided to embark on his own. After the initial success of the casual shoes, GOEX expanded its market towards the apparel and the sports shoe market as well, thereby demonstrating the power of innovation. Since then, GEOX had carved out a niche for itself through distinctive innovation. It has been adopting strategies to ensure that it could successfully renew its technology, products and process, and maintain long term competitiveness.

Key Issues and Fact Finding:
* According to us, first issue was, Polegato had no prior knowledge in the field of engineering and shoe industry. The research process was exhaustive. After consulting various publications and encyclopaedias he recognised that a watertight breathing membrane worn by NASA astronauts can act as a prototype for his shoes. * After patenting the new technology, second issue was that none of any shoe leading companies in Italy showed interests in his product. This led him to manufacture the shoes all by himself. * Third issue was that after diversifying its product portfolio and expanding internationally, GEOX could not enter sports shoe market as it had intense competition and it required a very different technology. Polegato felt that every sector requires a different mind-set, but in response to...
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