Marketing Innovation

Topics: Innovation, Marketing, Dimension Pages: 2 (315 words) Published: April 16, 2008
Marketing Innovation Strategy

Marketing Innovation is a multifaceted occurrence, which can be operated in different ways. According to Doyle (1998) “Innovation in marketing is the latest analysis of the best practice and a unique collection of the empirical material describing both systems innovation and the launch of new product.”

Refer to the article of Danaya Thongsima, the innovation studies have been composed of several diverse groups of researchers such as economists, management technologies, organizational sociologists and strategy theorists, depending on what they interest. Each group has a different research focus and consequently has emphasized different level of analysis. Economists and some management technologies have studied innovation at the level of the industry, whereas organizational sociologists and strategy theories have looked at innovation at the level of the firm. Furthermore, each researcher has used different dimensions of innovation as a tool for analyzing innovation strategy. The dimensions of innovation frequently used are type of innovation, source of the innovation, intensity of the innovation, timing of innovation, and magnitude of innovation. Additionally, some of them have been combined as combination dimension strategy in order to increase efficiency of strategy analysis such as the combination between type and magnitude of innovation.

As demonstrated in this paper, the author evaluated and analyzed the capacity of innovation marketing strategies which the selecting case study used by type of innovation. Three types of innovation, including product innovation strategy, process innovation strategy, and communication innovation strategy, are used to describe as following part.

Product Innovation Strategies are output marketing innovation strategy which customers of an organization come in contact with. (Porter, 1990) to produce something different that the market has never seen, that is an improvement on what is...
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