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Business Research Project Part 1: Business Problem and Research Questions

Identify an organization or business for your Learning Team research project. Aspen Surgical A Hill-Rom Company
Describe the products or services it provides.
Aspen Surgical have an extensive portfolio of operating room supplies includes Bard-Parker® Blades and Scalpels, O.R. Accessories, Patient and Staff Safety Products, Wound care Products, and Instrument Care Products. All of the operating room supplies are of high quality and value, while providing innovative solutions to real situations that their customers face on a daily basis in the surgical environment. (Corporation, 2014) Our selection is Bard-Parker® Blades and Scalpels

Identify a problem or dilemma faced by the organization that could be addressed by research. The monthly production schedule in some of the months is affected by high production personell absenteeism. Discuss the problem as a team.

As a team we understand that there are several factors that can infer in the rampant absenteeism of the personell.  Discuss your selected problem or dilemma with your faculty member to ensure that it is at an appropriate scope for the course.  ?

Develop a purpose statement for your research project.
Create a draft of the research questions addressing the problem and purpose statements. Operations personnel could have a high level of fatigue by high production required due to market demands? Could the amount of personnel not be enough in order to handle the heavy load of work, and more depth analysis must be done in order to balance the personnel vs load of work?  

Corporation. (2014). aspensurgical. Retrieved from
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