Managing Innovations in Firms

Topics: Innovation, Creativity, Management Pages: 4 (1135 words) Published: December 28, 2010
A.The dilemma of innovation management
- there is a fundamental tension between the need for stability and the need for creativity: 1. Companies require stability and static routines to accomplish daily tasks efficiently and quickly. This enables the organisation to compete today 2. companies also need to development new ideas and new products to be competitive in the future. Hence they need to nurture a creative environment where ideas can be tested and development. B. Managing uncertainty

1.pearson’s uncertainty map
- pearson’s uncertainty map (pearson, 1991) provides a framework for analysing and understanding uncertainty and the innovation process. -gambar : hal 78
- quadrant 1 :”exploratory research” or “blue sky” research, because the work sometimes seems so far removed from reality that people liken it to working in the clouds! These activities often involve working with technology that is not fully understood and where potential product or market have also not been identified. -quadrant 2 : this type of activity is often referred to as development enginerring and is an ongoing activity within manufacturing companies which are continually examining their production process, looking for efficiencies and ways to reduce costs. -quadrant 3 : in this area is uncertainty regarding ends. This is usually associated with attempting to discover how the technology can be most effectively used. -quadrant 4 : this area covers innovative activity where there is most certainty. In these situations activities may be dominated by improving existing products or creating new product through the combination of a market opportunity and technical capability. C. organisational characteristics that faciliatate the innovation process - figure 3,3 p.81

-figure 3,4 p.82
- table 3.2 summary of the organisational characteristics that faciliate the innovation process 1. growth orientation : commitment to long term growth rather than...
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