Management Information Systems

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Chapter 1
# Discussion Questions
The internet allows organizations to connect with the general public through open traffic that can be accessed through addresses or searches using key words. An organization can utilize a variety of opportunities which include everything from basic information to retail software. Automatically updating information on a user’s system is also possible. There are many examples of online retail operations on the internet Intranets:

The intranet is an internal system that can facilitate operations inside an organizations. These types of systems include training systems, knowledge to support operations, and access to human resource information that can help manage benefits. Extranet:

The extranet is an opportunity to connect to business partners through direct relationship networking in order to facilitate supply chain management, project management, accounts and advanced technical support that is specific to their relational interaction. Organizations utilize internet technologies to connect with both suppliers and consumers in order to create systemic management. 3.

Technology innovations create a temporary advantage over competition. Patents will run out over 17 years at the optimum level of proprietary protection, with copies of the technology usually not falling under the protections of the patent to the point that the innovation cannot be used by others. Competitors often can take the new tech and innovate, fixing problems and coming out with a unique and improved version of the original concept, side-stepping patents and taking advantage of a market hungry for more. Imitation limitations:

Imitation can be limited through economies of scale, proprietary tech, high switching costs and branding through which imitations may be only modestly successful. Xerox is an example of tech that was difficult to copy and for the first three incarnations, the company was without competition through...
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