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Topics: Poetry, Victoria of the United Kingdom, Victorian era Pages: 4 (1364 words) Published: April 27, 2014
Question: “His work reveals that he is unmistakably a product of his age and time.” Discuss this view of Hardy’s poetry with reference to any 3 poems.

A writer’s work is a ‘nurtured reflective’ of his society. This was no different for Victorian Britain. Britain during the reign of Queen Victoria underwent evolutionary changes that did not only change the lifestyle of a people but the culture of the people. With Britain gaining mass economical wealth through the colonization of other territories and the country becoming more industrialized, this also broadens the scope for new discovery in science and technology. New theories and ideologies were developed that, challenged that of the Georgian period, which promoted the belief in Christianity, its norms and values. The Victorian era which was well known for its birth in literary and musical wealth, festered a number of well re-known authors, poets and playwrights, such as William Shakespeare, William Wordsworth and so on, who led the charge in individuals developing a passion for the literary arts. One such poet was Thomas Hardy. Hardy an autodidactic poet, who grew up in Dorset, formally re-named by him as Wessex, drew inspiration from the things happening in his society, as other writers of the romantic era did. However, Hardy wrote mainly about the oppressive entities of society that affected the people of Victorian Britain, which was often romanticized by many of his inspirations. During the time of Hardy that spanned from the Romantic to the Modern Era, which he was a precursor to, he wrote about the gloom that surrounded the glorious Victorian era. He wrote about the loss of religious certainty, the numerous wars that Britain was involved in and its effects, that it had on the war veterans and their families, and the pessimistic outlook on life although the of the glory of Britain. Yes, Thomas Hardy, through many of his poetry, reflected that he was partially a product of Victorian Britain,...
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