Topics: Technology, Modern history, Science Pages: 1 (265 words) Published: March 14, 2013
The higher date the calendar shows, the faster the development of the society is. Every era of human beings has its most significant invention or progress that represents the base for further development, further inventions, further progress – simply, for changes. As the time goes the changes are more and more frequent and more and more significant. The technological development provides the people possibilities that were few years ago unimaginable. But all of us know that the more possibilities we have, the faster the life is. That is the typical characteristics of the modern era, of nowadays society, of our lives – we live quickly, our lives are full of chaoss and very often full of stress but on the other hand, the progress, the inventions and technological development give us enormous number of opportunities and new possibilities to make use of our lives – to live a modern life. And hand in hand with all these inventions go media, very closely interconnected with new technologies, spreading information and influencing our lives. It is the availability of media that makes them so powerful and influential. All of us have to agree that we are in contact with media every single day, we are surrounded by them and every single they the media modify or at least slightly question our opinions, attitudes and decisions. In this essay, we are going to discuss the issue of media and modern life, we are going to define media and to deal with advantages and disadvantages of them, with various spheres of their influence – in general, we are going to deal with.
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