Leadership Definitions and Importance

Topics: Motivation, Management, Social influence Pages: 2 (655 words) Published: June 23, 2013
2.1 Definitions of Leadership

Leadership is an art that is possessed by a person to direct its subordinates. Bass, (1990, cited in de Ver, 2009) defines leadership as “an interaction between two or more members of a group that often involves a structuring or restructuring of the situation and the perception and expectations of the members”. Mullins, (2007) has demonstrated leadership as a relationship where one person can influence another whereas (Northouse, 2009, p.5) justifies this by stating that “leadership is intended influence that creates change for the greater good” he further states that “leadership uses positive means to achieve positive outcomes”.

Mulins and Northouse have highlighted that leadership is a process which can influence human behavior whereas de Ver’s definition gives a holistic view on how leadership asses a situation and structures a solution. Conger (1987) however suggests leadership as gaining commitment from individuals towards a common goal. (Draft and Lane, 2007 p.101) view more towards the fact that leaders are capable on introducing change by arguing “Leadership is about change rather than stability”. Kotter (1988) highlights that leadership is the process of creating a vision for others by transforming it into a reality and sustaining it. Kotter’s definition reflects that leaders can transform people in order to drive them towards organizational goals whereas (Mumford 2009, p.5) supports Kotter’s argument by saying “Leadership is the influence of others toward a collective goal”. When incorporating all the above definitions into consideration the author feels that leadership is where a person influences, directs, guides and motivates its subordinates to achieve a common goal that is set by organizations which facilitates the mission and the objective. Winston (2003) justifies the authors statement in detail by stating that “A leader is one or more people who selects, equips, trains and influences one or more followers...
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