Io361 Week 5 Individual Assingment

Topics: Innovation, Creativity, Management Pages: 3 (767 words) Published: December 12, 2012
Organization Transformation Q & A
Eduardo Rodríguez
December 12, 2012
School of Business

University of Phoenix
Prof. Luis Rios Silva
Organization Transformation Q & A
In today’s economy the best move to take advantage of the competition is embrace innovation, creativity and design within the organization. This creative process may include from the identification of the problem to the forced generation of new ideas. Innovation involves the selection, development and marketing of ideas but not only limits to development, but also from the creation of new ones as well. The design part is a key part in the innovation process, so a company needs to be ready to work from the inside out. Ideas should be embrace in the organization and must be live within the members that way they will be better promoters and will be engaged to the success of the plan. The ability of the organization to execute these elements will be their winning card to success.

Now when we are talking about promoting innovation within the organization we need to be able to incentive, educate and train our staff. When we work with incentives we are letting the employees not only challenge themselves and compete, but also to increase their income. This works as a powerful force in innovation and encourage involvement from all parts. Not only this, competition among employees for earning more incentives than the other also leads to adoption and promotion of innovative ideas in the organization (Gupta, 2006). When we talk about training and education we are trying to impact two things. First, when we train our employees we are making them more capable to perform their job. Thru seminars, specific trainings we can increase aptitudes, skills and abilities to perform specifics tasks in the workplace; while giving confidence back to the employee. At the same time, the employees are encouraged to apply the knowledge and skills attained from training and education programs in...

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