Topics: Employment, Cooperative education, Intern Pages: 10 (5635 words) Published: September 25, 2014
IJCDSE, Volume 4, Issue 1, 2012

A Win-Win Dual internship model for turning graduates employable Rajesh Subramanian
Botho College, Botswana

Aarthi Nagappan
Botho College, Botswana

There seems to be a growing concern about the
skill set needed in university graduates which is a
factor inhibiting numerous students from acquiring
proper employment. This has drawn the attention of
employers and universities to work hand in hand to
provide real time work exposure to students in
developing the required skill set by way of
internship. While most universities still follow the
traditional method of offering single internship,
Botho College, Botswana has gone an extra mile in
introducing dual Internship for its students. This
enables students to identify their lacking skills from
their first internship experience and develop them
through customized support sessions offered by the
tutors. This is believed to prepare them for the
second internship. Some employers also found
that the interns on second internship were of better
quality due to the impact of first internship and
support sessions empowering them with the
necessary employability skills. Most students also
found this to help them in identifying an area
for final year project and focus in developing the
skills required to accomplish the project work and
towards future job. It also enabled them to make
future decision in terms of their career prospects
and higher education. This article discusses on the
impact of dual internship on academic performance
and employability factor in University graduates.
Authors believe from the lessons learnt that dual
internship promotes both the employability and
technical skills in students transforming them as
well rounded graduates for immediate job market.
Keywords: Employability, Academic performance,
Career, Higher Education, Graduate, Dual

1. Introduction
Internship programs are introduced to offer students
a real time work exposure in enabling to bridge
the education – job skill mismatch, a major factor
causing graduate unemployment. “…there have
been many complaints from the private sector about
the quality of graduates churned out by local private

Ivy Rose Mathew
Botho College, Botswana

and public institutions [1]. However, there is a
growing demand in the job market for qualified and
skilled graduates. This has pressurized the HEIs to
introduce initiatives to equip students with the
necessary employability skills for immediate
employment. Students in general acquire theoretical
knowledge based on the classroom study but are not
being given relevant industrial exposure and handson experience “Internships have been hailed for integrating classroom education with practical
experience in enabling graduates to develop their
professional knowledge and professional skills” [2].
Internships are gaining momentum and serve
students in preparing for the job market. However,
“Internships should not be considered as add-ons,
but rather
should be integrated
academic program in order to optimize the learning
opportunity” [3]. The best outside classroom
learning activities are through an internship
attachment [4]. Several studies have reported the
benefits of internship programmes in conventional
colleges and universities on the rationale in offering
internship as part of the academic programme
Botho College is a leading multidisciplinary
private tertiary institution in Botswana. It is on the
forefront of bridging the employment divide between
the employers and students. The college strives to
imbibe certain essential qualities in the students so
that they can provide an immediate contribution to
any employer. The Intended Graduate Profile (IGP)
is an employability profile which...

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