Internet Good and Bad

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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? In order to succeed, you should be more like others than be different from everyone else.

Becoming successful is almost an endless endeavor for every individual. Nevertheless, not everyone can succeed. From this standpoint, I disagree with the statement that people who want to succeed should be more like others than be different from everyone else. There are mainly two reasons for this. The first one is the definition of success for everyone is different, and the second one is being the same with others generally lacks innovation, which is fundamental to success.

Although success is the primary goal for everyone, people have different views and aspects of a successful life. Some people may consider having a good carrier with high salary to be a successful life, while others may evaluate their success in other ways such as the level of happiness and spiritual contentment. Since miscellaneous people want different things, it is unfounded to suggest that everyone following the same rule is definitely able to reach success. For example, many high school students decide to go to a college after their graduation, but if a student wants to become a chief, perhaps he or she should find a job in the restaurant instead of study in a university. Not everyone needs to attend classes in a college in order to success.

Furthermore, hardly do people succeed solely by imitating others' ideas or works, because this action lacks creativity. Only those who have the ability to innovate are capable of attaining extremely success. For instance, Apple Computer is one of the most successful companies in the world. If Steve Jobs, one of the founders of this company, did not have any innovative thinking, the product of Apple Computer would have nothing special, and he could not build his business empire.

In a nutshell, for everyone, being like others is not enough to succeed. I suggest people should figure out what is the...
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