International Entrepreneurship at Infusion

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Internal Entrepreneurship at Infusion
Grand Canyon University
LDR 640: Leadership and Innovation
Michael L Verne
February 29, 2012

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International Entrepreneurship at Infusion

We will be examining the growth and development of Infusion, a company that has grown in the last 10 years to become a $50 million a year international software services business with over 350 employees. The vision of Infusion states “Achieve global growth by measurably transforming our client businesses through smart, engaging and innovative use of technology” (, 2011). In addition, the vision of Infusion states “To be the premier worldwide innovation firm combining business, consumer and technical insight into powerful digital experiences. With relentless dedication to client satisfaction, we grow our business by consistently delivering the impossible” (, 2011). Our paper will explore the nature of international entrepreneurship in the professional services business.

Greg Brill and DeBorah Johnson were the co-founders of Infusion Development Corporation. Brill was an avid believer that through innovation and a strong connection with technology, they could build a software solutions company with a staff that was empowered to be creative and maintain the entrepreneurial spirit to see the opportunities in the future. Brill’s hope was that he would have a staff that could “think outside the box” and make creativity a safe concept. This meant that he would allow people to take risks by engaging in new activities; that the belief that the company and the staff could celebrate both successes and failures without the possibility of any negative reactions.

In the beginning, Infusion started operations in Toronto, Canada, where the growth of its staff came from bright, entrepreneurial students from the University of Waterloo. In addition, the exchange rate between Canada and the U.S. was very favorable and...

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