Interactions Between Christianity and Islam

Topics: Byzantine Empire, Imperial examination, Innovation Pages: 2 (517 words) Published: March 6, 2014

Comparative Essay

Overtime, from 600-1450 C.E., the Sui dynasty and the Byzantine empire were similar in the sense that they both advanced themselves in economy and society using technological innovations, but they were different in that the Sui dynasty rebuilt themselves by restoring their methods of intellectual reasoning within their government systems while the Byzantine empire built itself revolving around the state control of the church.

The Sui dynasty was very innovative. At times, The Sui ruler’s demands often seemed limitless. Sales tax was based off of peasant agriculture and construction. It had always been like this though, even in the Classical period where the mean people served the people in the dynasty. Throughout the time of the Sui dynasty, the peasants developed several palaces, cities (for example: Loyang) and also constructed the Grand Canal, which helped unite China’s economy by becoming an important route for shipping projects between northern and southern china. They also helped reconstruct the Great Wall in order to keep out the invaders. The Byzantine empire, which was very innovative as well, also benefitted from high levels of commerce. As the peasants and slaves farmed, using several new inventions to increase their produce, the bureaucracy regulated their trade and food prices. Although the Sui dynasty was more dominant in innovating, both them and the Byzantines used new inventions and devices to advance themselves. The reason that both of these places, even though far apart from each other, share this trait because all nations use innovations to improve upon themselves and become major power players in the world.

The Sui dynasty was very concerned with the education of Confucian scholar gentry and state officials. The ruler of the Sui dynasty revived the examination system which was helpful when appointing state officials into the bureaucracy. It tested the intellect and knowledge of the officials. He devoted most...
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