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Company with the matured core business needs a new growth. But they are in dilemma of how to grow when investors are demanding growth. In such situation innovations having high growth potential has high risk as they are ignored due to preconceived notion that achieving and sustaining growth is hard. This is based on the popular assumptions…

1) Blame on managers for not been able to crack the problem of sustaining growth followed by appointment of new pool of management talent

2) Risk averse managers

3) Unpredictability of creating new growth business.

This proves that the process of creating a new growth business is not well understood. The forces shaping innovation involves choices of managers about which idea to be shaped and which to be neglected.The concept of new growth business must be shaped, modified significantly all the way encountering no. of predictable forces to borne as a business plan that can win. A well researched theory of what caused what and why brings predictability to any field and is based on three steps..

1) Describing phenomenon which is expected to be understood

2) Classification of phenomenon into categories

3) Role of researchers in articulating a theory that asserts what causes the phenomenon to occur and why. A new growth business needs predictable success to become successful disruptor than disruptee by aligning every critical process and decision to fit into the disruptive circumstance.



Every market has a rate of improvement which can be utilized by customers. Customers in the highest or most demanding tiers are never satisfied with the best available and those from the lowest or least demanding tiers are over satisfied with very little. This gives an idea which is “good-enough” to serve customers need. Innovating companies with the pace of technological progress outstrips the...
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