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is the Horace
Beesley Professor of Strategy at
the Marriott School, Brigham
Young University. He is widely
published in strategy and
business journals and was the
fourth most cited management scholar from
is a
professor of leadership
at INSEAD. He consults
to organizations around
the world on innovation,
globalization, and
transformation and has published extensively
in leading academic and business journals.

is the Robert and Jane
Cizik Professor of Business
Administration at Harvard
Business School and the
architect of and the world’s
foremost authority on disruptive innovation.

“Businesses worldwide have been guided and in uenced by e Innovator’s Dilemma and e Innovator’s Solution. Now e Innovator’s DNA shows where it all starts. is book gives you the fundamental building blocks for becoming more innovative and changing the world. One of the most important books to come out this year, and one that will remain pivotal reading for years to come.”

Chairman and CEO,; author, Behind the Cloud

e Innovator’s DNA is the ‘how to’ manual to innovation, and to the fresh thinking that is the root of innovation. It has dozens of simple tricks that any person and any team can use today to discover the new ideas that solve the important problems. Buy it now and read it tonight. Tomorrow you will learn more, create more, inspire more.” Chairman of the Executive Committee, Intuit Inc.

e Innovator’s DNA sheds new light on the once-mysterious art of innovation by showing that successful innovators exhibit common behavioral habits—habits that can boost anyone’s creative capacity.”

author, e 7 Habits of Highly E ective People and
e Leader in Me

“Having worked with Clayton Christensen on innovation for over a decade, I can see that e Innovator’s DNA continues to stretch our thinking with insights that challenge convention and enable progress in the important cause of innovation . . . so critical to competitiveness and growth.”

retired Chairman of the Board and CEO,
e Procter & Gamble Company

Also by Clayton M. Christensen:

Bestselling Author of

e Innovator’s Dilemma

You can be as innovative and impactful—
if you can change your behaviors to improve
your creative impact.
In e Innovator’s DNA, authors Je Dyer,
Hal Gregersen, and bestselling author Clayton
M. Christensen ( e Innovator’s Dilemma, e
Innovator’s Solution) build on what we know
about disruptive innovation to show how
individuals can develop the skills necessary to
move progressively from idea to impact.
By identifying behaviors of the world’s
best innovators—from leaders at Amazon
and Apple to those at Google, Skype, and
Virgin Group—the authors outline ve
discovery skills that distinguish innovative
entrepreneurs and executives from ordinary
managers: Associating, Questioning, Observing,
Networking, and Experimenting.
Once you master these competencies
(the authors provide a self assessment for
rating your own innovator’s DNA), the
authors explain how you can generate ideas,
collaborate with colleagues to implement them,
and build innovation skills throughout your
organization to sharpen its competitive edge.
at innovation advantage can translate into
a premium in your company’s stock price—an
innovation premium—that is possible only by
building the code for innovation right into
your organization’s people, processes, and
guiding philosophies.
Practical and provocative, e Innovator’s
DNA is an essential resource for individuals
and teams who want to strengthen their
innovative prowess.
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