Innovative & Creative Skills in Business

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Question 1

Innovation is a managed process to apply creative solutions to problems or opportunities to build up or upgrade people’s life. Even a tiny changes or improvement can be considered as innovation because it creates capacity for change. Organizations that innovates able to achieve higher and stronger growth.

In order to survive in today’s businesses, innovation is needed to help companies or organizations in demanding creative solutions to overcome problems by increasing competitive advantage. Companies create novelty in their product or services offerings by doing something no one does like introducing first invented Iphone to the world.

Innovation can also helps offering novelty in ways to compete by having a business deal faster and effective through online video conferencing etc. By exploiting latest technologies, innovation helps to create new markets and grown available markets. Meanwhile, it can also offer new ways of serving authorise or mature markets.

Lastly, innovations always come together with certain risk. By making creative ideas turns reality, business today need to take risks. And of course, before that must be able to see a positive payoff in taking the risks when doing product innovation, process innovation, position innovation or paradigm innovation.

Question 2

The two components of innovation are risk taking and creativity. Risk taking means that a person is willing to push ideas forward at some potential risk to own security, carrier, reputation or self-esteem. Meanwhile creativity is the ability to develop new ideas and to discover new ways of looking at problems and opportunities.

To foster both components in organizations, the person in charge or employers should tolerate risk-taking that might not bring out positive results. To be innovative, inevitable mistakes need to be forgiven. Criticization need to be avoided so that employees do not fear to face mistakes and failure. Employees should share lessons among each others to widen their point of view of innovation whether succeed or failed.

Organizations need to prepare a suitable working environment. Employees usually have works that need to be done every day, earning profits being more important compare with making innovations. Certain work challenges should be given time-to-time to spur imaginations and excavate human’s creativity. Risk-taking culture can contribute to the foster of innovation.

At the same time, rewards should be given so that employees have more passion being creative and dare to take the initiative to risk. For instance, cash bonus and honour of certificate can be given to those who succeed while recommendation given to those who tried but does not deliver result as an acknowledgement.

Lastly, mentor-mentee programme allows communications and coaching sessions between employees. Coaching can help building needed behaviour to discover creative ideas from different point of views. For example, it encourages people to think out of the box to search alternatives solutions to upgrade business at a higher level.

Question 3

I do not agree with the statement that “Necessity is the mother of invention”. Necessity is a requirement or need of something that is indispensable while invention is an act of creating or producing.

Humans do not produce something only when they need it. Every innovations needs time to gain succeed. Humans will not know what they need and when they need something. It might end up needed urgently and do not afford to wait until the need proves great before forcing to innovate a solution.

None of us can predict with certainty what the next big...
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