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Creativity and Innovation Table

Complete the following table by describing creativity, innovation, and the rules of change in your words. Include the following in your response:

a One real-life management example of using creative intelligence b One real-life management example of innovation
c List all of the rules of change and include at least one sentence describing each state in your words

Format any references used in APA format.

This assignment is due in Week One.

Creativity and Innovation
Creative Intelligence
A real life example of creative intelligence would be a computer programmer realizing that the current systems used was lacking a user-friendly interface and restructuring the program to fit the needs of the business.

A real life example of innovation would be the creation of smartphones/TV's/laptops, etc.. Taking an ordinary cell phone and innovating it to react to human touch and sound is not only innovative, but it also displays a form of creative intelligence by referencing past experience consumer had with cell phones and brought to light a new remarkable technology.

Rules of Innovation
Exert strong leadership on the change strategy and portfolio decisions—Ensure idea flow clearly from Top management through entry level personnel, so everyone is clear on the company's goals and objectives.

Integrate innovation into the company's essential business mentality—Ensure employees understands the innovative mission of the company from the beginning as to avoid any confusion and to better prepare employees for changes.

Align the amount and type of innovation to the company’s business. This coincides with the previous rule in ensuring a complete understanding of the goals towards change within an organization. Manage the natural tension between creativity and value capture—Ensure creative innovation are exploited in the most effective and efficient manner to drive...
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