Innovation Paper

Topics: Ethics, Business ethics, Management Pages: 3 (638 words) Published: May 29, 2009

Innovation is about partnerships. It involves advancing new and improved ideas and is relevant to all communities. Partnerships create and promote entrepreneurship, the development of technology and its commercialization. Taken together, they are critical to enhancing many organizations and America’s global competitiveness. Workforce development and education support innovation and entrepreneurship, and linking these activities are important in developing a competitive innovation and an entrepreneurial system. This paper will discuss how to identify and characterize promoting innovation, the role of leadership in sustaining innovation and the ethical implications of promoting innovation in an office environment.

How would you identify and characterize the roles of incentives, training, and education in promoting innovation in your organization. In order to effectively promote innovation organizations must give their employees; “meeting and recreational space which lead to spontaneous encounters and informal networking, both are important facilitators of innovation” (Bettina Von Stamm, 2003, para. 1&5). These incentives cannot act alone and instead must act together through managerial efforts with their upper level management. By working together and introducing organizational competitiveness throughout the company, upper level management and everyone else will recognize the results of better communication, coordination and cohesiveness of their innovation related efforts. Through collaborative efforts, organizations become stronger by leveraging and combining the individual strengths and resources of each employee. America’s colleges and universities are key assets that must be tapped in order to advance our nation’s innovation strategy. The United States has the best higher education system in the world and that system should be continually expanding with more students, better trained faculty and more primary research...

References: Bettina Von Stamm. (2003). Managing Innovation, Design and Creativity. Retrieved April 7, 2009, from Bettina Von Stamm, Week Five, OI 461.
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