innovation of entrepreneurship

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Tutorial Work
MARA-UMS are collaborating together to create an event "International Conference on Entrepreneurship 2013' in conjunction with Entrepreneurship Expo @1Borneo Hyper mall, 29 Oct - 3 November 2013.

Students are required to do the following activity:

Please find and choose one (1) exhibitor/product to evaluate the potential of innovation and commercialization for innovation strategy development and strategies to sustaining profits.

Using Chapter 13, 6 Bettina (2008) and Chapter 10 Allan Afuah, the discussion includes: >reasons and benefits of collaboration
>how to make collaboration work
>building strategies - block, run or team up strategy

- help to repair and making the skin more elasticity
- Can reduce facial wrinkles
- making the skin smoother
-eliminates dark circles
-Shrink acne
-Lightens acne scars and pigmentation
-Can shrink pores

The potential of innovation
Everyone also very focus at skin care. So, the market of 24K Bio-Tox Gold is very big. We also can different the market to women and men to make more profit. The product 24K Bio-Tox Gold also still can do innovation in many sided.

The Reasons and benefits of collaboration
1. Through the collaboration, the companies can to share risk and cost at production and sale of 24K Bio-Tox Gold. 2. Collaboration can let 24K Bio-Tox Gold access and create new or different markets. 3. Collaboration also obtains additional resources because different company will have different natural resources. 4. The companies can gain access to knowledge and expertise and share it together. 5. Through the collaboration, the companies can research and development together to reduce development time

How to make collaboration work
1. rationale for collaboration
A series of reasons or a logical fundamental for a course of action or belief. A rationale for collaboration would concerned about the consequences of...
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