Innovation, Design, and Creativity

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Innovation, Design, and Creativity
March 5, 2012

Innovation, Design, and Creativity
Innovation, design, and creativity are interdependent terms that conceptualize the meaning of implementation and the formation of unique thought. Defining innovation, design, and creativity helps to better understand the impact they have upon business development. Highlighting the business implications of innovation, design, and creativity and comparing and contrasting these terms allows a better understanding to factors that contribute to a successful business. Defining Innovation, Design, and Creativity

Innovation is the combination of creating and implementing a successful idea (Stamm, 2003). Wherein, one element like creativity without a successful implementation or vice-versa a successful implementation with creativity does not fully capture the definition of innovation (Stamm). Creativity is a frame of mind that pushes the boundaries of ordinary thinking and invites unique relationships to form with ideas (Stamm). Design is the process of creatively transforming a thought process into a tangible, successful manner of operating a product or service (Stamm). Business Implications of Innovation, Design, and Creativity

Innovation, design, and creativity are terms that apply to real-life business in the sense that each company needs these elements to have sustainability and a competitive advantage. To have a successful business a company needs to employ personnel that think and behave differently (Stamm, 2003). Innovative thinkers need to form original designs and actively place them into action (Stamm). Innovation can be applied in different industries. In the technology industry, innovation can be referred to as the degree to which employees can retain and build upon the businesses original product (Kim & Park, 2010). Designers need creative thought processes to devise plans that will be successful. Creative thinkers need the ability...

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