Innovation Construction Work in Hong Kong

Topics: Innovation, Civil engineering, Construction Pages: 4 (1164 words) Published: April 22, 2011
Innovation of Infrastructure Work by Hong Kong: Public Civil Engineering Project

Author Note
Chan Pak Chuen, The Open University of Hong Kong (January 2011)

The innovation plan of the Hong Kong government has been enforced since 1999. However, the existing policies attach much importance to innovation of biochemistry and information and communications technology (ICT). The needs of infrastructure innovation have long been overlooked. As a consequence, in terms of the contract requirement as well as specification of the government construction project and the evaluation of the tender, some recommendations, modifications of the innovation plan would be discussed in this paper.

Infrastructure is the basic physical and organizational structures need for the operation of a society or enterprise. The term typically refers to the technical structure that supports a society, such as roads, water supply, reclamation and sewers. Many firms in the Engineering, Construction (Gann and Salter, and film industries (Davenport, 2006; Defillippi and Arthur, 1998) are project based). Hong Kong has evolved from a small fishing village into an entrepot, and was later developed into a centre for manufactunory industries. In 1999, Hong Hong government is making efforts to establish the city as an innovation and technology by providing word-class soft and hard infrastructure. This year Asia’s top city this year was Hong Kong (18) followed by Tokyo (20). The raise of Asian centers was largely attributed by the analysts, to renewed rail and infrastructure investment by Asian cities.

Literature review
In 1999, the Innovation and Technology Fund (ITF). It aims to support projects that contribute to innovation and technology upgrading in industry. There are four programmes under the ITF to cater for different needs. Innovation and Teahnology Support Programme; University-Industry Collaboration Programme;...

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