Innovation at International Food

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This paper provides a written analysis of the Innovation at International Foods (IFG) case study. The paper will provide an analysis of the issues that Josh Novak, the new team manager at IFG is facing with the existing staff. Josh has come for Glow-Foods which was a smaller company that has been purchased by IFG. Josh was retained due to the innovative ideas that produced significant growth at Glow-Foods by reaching the younger market. It has now become his job at IFG to do the same. However, as Josh is becoming more acclimated to the way things are done at IFG, he and his team are being bogged down with processes and procedures that are in place. The team does not believe that will be able to do the job they were hired to do. To be innovative, there must be some freedoms given, they need the proper tools and ability to gain knowledge and stay abreast of the new ideas in the market place. The task at hand is for Josh to keep his team on track, make sure they do are not discouraged and mitigate any risk. Josh has to win the support and trust of the existing teams so that they will respect and consider his team’s ideas.

Innovation at International Food
Established companies find it difficult to innovate strategically when compared to new companies. They are concerned with IT governance as it relates to the processes and procedures that are in place. The politics that are in place, especially in larger established companies can stifle innovation. The time needed to implement new ideas can die under all of the weight associated with the processes. Josh Novak and his team are faced with being innovative, but must first win the support of the other leaders, Ben Nokony, the team’s marketing liaison, Rick Visser, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Sheema Singh, the IT finance officer (p. 231-232). The concerns from the team are uncertainty around the new ideas and what risks may be introduced, the uncertainty with change and the...

References: McKeen, James D., Smith, Heather A. (2009), 1st edition. IT Strategy in Action. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall
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