Innovation at 3m Corp.: How Can It Be Replicated?

Topics: Innovation, Freedom of speech, Management Pages: 2 (649 words) Published: March 10, 2009
Innovation at 3M Corp. : How can it be replicated?
Introduction: 3M Corp. is one of the most successful global companies in the world, which famous at being innovative in its cultures and company growth. As heard, 3M Corp. currently manufactures more than 50 thousand different products. So we now focus on how innovation in 3M, including working culture and people management, etc. can be replicated and benefits different areas in our daily applications.

In 3M Corp., Uses of 3 types of Innovation: Refer to Appendix1; it is the matrix used by 3M management to find potential markets. Type A contains new business with new customers and markets; Type B contains making changes on the basis of competition which aims at target existing customers in new application areas; Type C contains linear extension that focuses on existing customers and applications. I gained from this 3M concept that I do not need to stick with only one specific target market. One good example of innovation product in 3M- decorative ribbon was innovated incidentally, which valued to customers for decorating presents or gifts; later time, it was modified and the materials of nonwovens used in decorative ribbon finally became respirators that serves its medical and occupational health and safety businesses. I surprised that 3M did taught me think out of the box and made contributions to totally different markets with only one same material. Innovation really means no assumption in situations.

On the other hand, Roger Appledorn, the distinguished corporate scientist in 3M, who originated the microreplication technology platform and also has thirty-one patents to his name. He stated the critical factors that managing technical innovation in 3M, including 1.Organization culture; 2.Communication and 3.Management style.

Organization culture: 3M’s culture is promoted to be freedom and full of excitement and anticipation. Employees enjoy being heroes. In 3M, no matter their positions, would be...

References: 職場知訊:公司文化是留住員工的關鍵因素
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