Innovation—and Continuity—at Toyota

Topics: Innovation, Success, User innovation Pages: 2 (371 words) Published: June 11, 2013
Case Study: Innovation—and continuity—at Toyota
Answer 1
I would not think Toyota an ‘innovation organization’. It cannot be denied that, despite the Toyota’s product like Prius, its service, marketing and other business processes can be innovative and the innovation can be incremental. But I think whether a company can innovations, their products can be reflected. Through this point, in the case said, notwithstanding the Prius, we would not deem it a particularly innovative organization. To sum up in conclusion, I consider Toyota an ‘innovation organization’. Answer 2

I do suppose that Toyota’s potentially inbred leadership explain its successes. In according with the information in the case, all its senior executives are Japanese males and for its worshipping of the past, it can be easily deduced that the potential to be a successful leader which is able to generate wonderful corporations like Toyota is born in the blood of the generation which enables the gene of successful culture can be handed down from age to age. Answer 3

Firstly I think Toyota’s loss of 2009 is an inevitable event. Because Toyota’s way of innovation they adopted is a process which may be slow but continuous depends that, the company will not gain the success immediately but ultimately. And I think according its culture and some other way of doing business, Toyota will not have more problems dealing with the loss than other carmakers. Toyota’s way can be more likely to realize the innovations, and organizational success, therefore, when the company faces the problems, they can take effective measurements to deal with these challenges and make up the disadvantages the company has. Answer 4

The new president of Toyota refers to that the consumers are not too concentrated on what extent of the success Toyota has gained and what are the advantages Toyota has compared to other companies; on the opposite, consumers cares more about how the company can bring substantial benefits for them. In...
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