Innovation and Change

Topics: Creativity, Management, Change management Pages: 4 (836 words) Published: December 1, 2013

A. Define creativity. Explain its relationship to organizational innovation.

B. Briefly describe the typical pattern of technology cycles that occurs during technological innovation.

C. What are innovation streams? Describe a typical innovation stream.

D. How are technology cycles and innovation streams related? E. What are creative work environments? What does a manager need to do to develop and manage creative work environments? Provide examples.


A. Given the nature and demands of technology cycles and innovation streams, identify the two types of change that companies need to be able to manage.
B. Differentiate between the experiential and compression approaches to innovation. What is the single component that both approaches have in common?

C. What is organizational decline? List its five stages.

D. Identify and briefly describe the three steps involved in the process of managing organizational change as defined by Kurt Lewin.

E. Identify the methods that can be used to manage resistance to change. Which one should be used only as a last resort?


A. Explain how the concept of innovation streams relates to the concept of sustainable competitive advantage. Give an example of how this occurs in the business world.

B. Identify and briefly describe the three things that companies need to be good at in order to successfully manage innovation streams. Explain why managing these factors are important. C. Specify which one of the three (from B) might tend to be more influenced by organizational culture and less influenced by the manager’s own personal ability.

D. Explain the difference between activity-oriented and results-driven change, and list the advantages of the results-driven approach to change. Characterize each of the approaches to organizational change presented in the text in terms of their apparent degree of emphasis on activities or...
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