Innovation Analysis Nippon Paint Co. Case of Odorless Paint Product

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1. Purpose:
In recent years, Innovation becomes one of the most important parts in the existence and development of every company. There are many research was establish to analyze the way to make an innovation, not only for the research’s purpose but also to help the managers of small companies can follow the bigger. This assignment was done to analyze a new product of one of the biggest paint manufacturers in the world to understand deeply the innovation strategy of this company, Nippon Paint Co. 2. Nippon Paint Co:

Nippon Paint Co. is one of the largest paint manufacturers in Asia and over the world. In Vietnam, the company occupied rather large market share, with a well-known brand along with reasonable price, high quality products from paint to coatings of surface so Nippon’s products are trusted and preferred by Vietnamese consumers. Nippon Paint was founded in 1881 in Japan, Nippon Paint is a leading paint manufacturing company in the World, has presence in over 13 countries. Nippon Paint was established in Vietnam in 1994 with 100% foreign investment capital, located in Bien Hoa II Industrial Zone, Dong Nai. Since then, Nippon Paint has always released the best quality products are manufactured on advanced Japanese technology for the automotive industry, architecture, decoration... Based on the core values ​​of honesty, abundant human resources and continuous improvement in technology, Nippon Paint has contributed to improving work and home at the same time continue to beautify many areas in Asia in general and Vietnam in particular. 2. Background:

At present or even in future, trend of environmental friendly products will become popularly, from the electronics industry, car industry to Fast Moving Consumer Goods. When produce or process any products, manufacturers have to pay attention to factors of consumer’s health and environment. In the field of paint and coating technologies, the world has witnessed a new breakthrough for the environment of Nippon Paint, when the company launched a low odor paint lines with only volatile organic compounds (VOC) near as equal to 0 and does not contain toxic substances (usually in the paint: APEO, formalin, etc).They understand thoroughly criteria for quality of product and consumers’ health as well as protecting the environment, so Nippon Paint Vietnam brought a odorless paint products, superior to previous paint products to introduce to everyone, that is Odour-less All-In-1 paint line. Nippon Odour-less paint line, superior cleaning is a new achievement in the field of environmental friendly paint with low VOC, high washing resistance of up to 20,000 cycles (by Singapore standards). I. Literature review

We embrace all the elements of a business strategy in a simple way but it is still relatively full through two factors. There are 4Ps model and Strategic Innovation. 1.4Ps model
The ‘4Ps’ model provide a powerful tool for such analysis. It builds on the hypothesis that successful innovation is essentially about positive change, and puts forward four broad categories where such change can take place: 'Product innovation’ – changes in the things (products/services) which an organization offers • 'Process innovation’ – changes in the ways in which products and services are created or delivered • 'Position innovation’ – changes in the context in which the products/services are framed and communicated • 'Paradigm innovation’ – changes in the underlying mental models which shape what the organization does 2. Strategic Innovation

• Need to consider what, why and when i.e. where and how innovation can be used to strategic advantage. • No shortage of ways to gain competitive advantage through innovation – which ones to choose and why? • A question for large and small organizations and the public sector (e.g. police force, hospital...

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Stock chart of Nippon Painting Co Ltd
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