Incentives Sebagai Motivasi Karyawan Dalam Penciptaan Inovasi Di Perusahaan

Topics: Innovation, Knowledge management, Innovation system Pages: 3 (752 words) Published: September 29, 2012
Incentives Sebagai Motivasi Karyawan dalam Penciptaan Inovasi di Perusahaan

NoNama PenulisJudul TulisanTahunVariabel yang DitelitiHasil PenelitianNama Jurnal 1.Gary J. Young, Howard Beckman, Errol BakerFinancial Incentives, Professional Values and Performance: A Study of Pay-for-performance in a Professional Organization2012Uang sebagai motivatorMengingat bahwa agency theory memberlakukan hadiah yang nyata, seperti uang, sebagai motivator kuat yang potensial.Journal of Organizational Behavior DOI: 10.1002/job.1770

2.Flodgren G, Eccles MP, Shepperd S, Scott A, Parmelli E, Beyer FRAn Overview of Review Evaluating the Effectiveness of Financial Incentives in Changing Healthcare Professional Behaviours and Patient Outcomes2011Financial insentives sebagai motivasi ekstrinsik Financial Incentives merupakan sumber motivasi ekstrinsik dan muncul di saat individu mengharapkan transfer moneter yang mensyaratkan pada tingkah laku yang khusus.The Cochrane Collaboration Issue 7 3.Jochen Wirtz, Patricia ChewThe Effects of Incentives, Deal Proneness, Satisfaction and Tie Strength on Word-of-Mouth Behaviour2002Insentif sebagai motivator ekstrinsikIn other words, incentives can function as an extrinsic motivator, and people may engage in more expected behavior when incited, and this motivation may increase as the incentives increases.International Journal of Service Industry Management, Vol. 13 Iss: 2 pp. 141-162 4.Anahita Baregheh, Jennifer Rowley, Sally SambrookTowards a Multidisciplinary Definition of Innovation2009Pengertian Inovasi“As Plessis (2007, p.21) notes: Innovation as the creation of new knowledge and ideas to facilitate new business outcomes, aimed at improving internal business processes and structures and to create market driven products and services. Innovation encompasses both radical and incremental innovation.”Management Decision, Vol. 47 Iss: 8 pp. 1323-1339 5.Sven Lindmark, Erik J. Anderson, Erik Bohlin, Mattias Johansson...
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