Impact of technology transfer on growth of biotechnology industry in india

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Title: Impact of technology transfer units on growth of biotechnology industry in India According to the Indian draft National Biotechnology Development Strategy -2014, modern biotechnology is defined as “The application of Science & Technology to living organisms as well as parts, products and models thereof, to alter living or non-living materials for the production of knowledge, goods and services”. The field of biotechnology is revolutionizing the development of products, processes, and services in various fields. Institutes or laboratories usually conduct basic research which enhances the already existing scientific knowledge and can be further exploited for commercialization. Modern biotechnological research has a long gestation period. The phase from development stage to commercialization stage varies and accordingly the need of institution or private/public sector varies. The stages include basic research resulting in research leads; evaluation of research results; product and process development; commercial exploitation and dissemination in the market. When successful biotech products (new technologies) are transferred not only the innovators get recognition but the industry to whom it is transferred gets recognition and can bring a change in economy of the country. It also provides better facilities thereby largely benefiting the population of the country. A very good example for study of commercialization is the case of Bt cotton, the cotton plant with resistance to the dreaded pest, American bollworms. In India Bt cotton was the first genetically engineered crop to be successfully transferred in the year 2002. This technology was commenced in just few hectares of land in 2002, and a decade later this area has increased to 93% of total acreage of 12 million hectares. This commercialization has benefited not only the farmers but also the Indian Seed Industry. It impacted the economic status of the country through enhanced export. It also had an impact...
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