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Topics: Drug addiction, Addiction, Feeling Pages: 2 (420 words) Published: October 10, 2013
Amber N. Theriot
Ms. Stacey N. Goudy Payton
ENG 1113—MWF 1:00 p.m.
16 October 2013
Concerns of Alcohol and Drugs among Teens
Alcohol and Drugs among young people is a serious problem arising. Unfortunately, teenagers often don't see the connection between their actions today and the after-effects tomorrow. Teens abuse drugs and alcohol for many reasons. Some teens abuse drugs to enhance their mood, to obtain social points, to moderate negative feelings, or to avoid public rejection. This is without a doubt a growing issue. Another fact is that misuse of drugs and alcohol can lead to skipping school, bad grades, conflict in relationships with friends, family, and can cause poor concentration. Some teens also get in trouble with the law and end up in court, or juvenile detention. The society and media seems to glamourize the idea of drinking a nice “cold beer” or thought of having a stress free “smoke” sometime. When commercials do this it often sends the wrong message. Schools, neighborhoods, and community organizations who work with the most at risk children should offer programs that make teens more aware of the dangers. Teens have no idea how bad it can truly affect them. Alcohol and Drugs is a getaway for teens, ruins a person’s health, and creates an age inappropriate environment. Alcohol and Drugs is an escape for teens in many ways. Teens will sometimes copy what their friends do to feel accepted, and some are curious about the effects of drugs on their mood and behavior. For some it helps them to feel like they “fit in” or are part of the “popular group”. Some teens try it just for the simple fact of its affects such as; feelings good, being different, or acting brave. Alcohol and Drugs is where the parties are at and where kids get together to get away from their life problems. Teens don’t often have a place to just go to and forget about their parents’ divorce or them failing in school, however; they hear about a friend throwing a party where...
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