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1) How would you characterize IDEO’s process, organization, culture and management? IDEO was a firm founded by David Kelley in 1991. The success that the company achieved was directly associated with the great creativity/innovative process that the company introduces. Starting to explain a little the phases of the process, IDEO’s product development process follows several phases, and each one, contains methods like Observation, Brainstorming, Prototyping and Implementation. The process phases are described on the following table: Phase

Core Skills
(often combined with phase I)
Observation and Brainstorming
Understand all about the new client and its business
(often combined with phase 0)
Prototyping and Brainstorming
Product-focused – determines the product direction, with constant client feedback. The first rough 3D models of the product are made in this phase. II
Develop functional prototypes and resolve technical problems. III
Implement (detailed engineering)
Completation of the design and functionability of the product made. IV
Implement/Manufacturing Liaison
Supervise details like: Prodcution tooling, regulatory approvals and construction of pilot runs. Testing the manufacturing feasibility. In this end phase, product is formally handed over to the client

The most important core skills of IDEO are prototyping and brainstorming. By prototyping sessions (phase I and II) IDEO always can establish a well focused team and a excellent relationship with client, getting feedback in every step. IDEO prototyping follow the 3 R’s rule “Rough, Rapid and Right!”, trial/error and citing the innovation principle - “If a picture is worth a thousand words, a prototype is worth ten thousand”. By Brainstorming, which in a very successful session can bring almost 150 new ideas in 40/45 minutes, IDEO...
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