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Topics: Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Mississippi River, Mark Twain Pages: 3 (1021 words) Published: January 23, 2014
Jim Vs Jim
The White Americans significantly had an advantage against the African Americans. Mark Twain wrote, “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” to display how a black man can be a father figure of a typical white child. The two Jims, Jim Finn or “Pap” and Jim the black run-away slave differ in verities of ways. Pap, as Huck’s biological father is portrayed as a drunk and a complete failure. Considering Pap’s negative behavior, Huck never really liked Pap because of his violent acts and Pap was ignorant towards Huck’s school work. Jim the slave however was presented as Huck’s father figure. Throughout the journey with Huck, Jim felt the need to take care of Huck just like his kids at home. Again, Huck never liked his real father Pap so it is safe to say that Huck would much rather claim Jim as his father than Pap.

Jim Finn, Huck’s father makes a good display of general debasement of white society and is a total embarrassment to his family. Before Huck met Jim the run-away slave, Huck never felt loved because he never had anyone who looked out for him but the Widow and Miss Watson. Although they were Huck’s only support, Huck never appreciated them just from the fact that they expect him to be more “sivilized”. Pap never expected anything from Huck but getting more liquor for him. Even the friends of Huck believe that Pap means nothing to Huck. “Yes, he’s got a father, but you can’t never find him, these days. He used to lay drunk with the hogs in the tan yard, but he hain’t been seen in these parts for a year or more”. (pg 6) People talking about Pap like this make it seem like Pap has been laying home drunk for a long time. Huck himself also describes Pap in an off putting way. Huck says that Pap is unpleasantly pale, long greasy hair, disgusting, and terribly dressed. This imagery that Twain projected convinces the reader that Huck really hates his father that much. Considering these dilemmas, it is fair to say that Pap is nowhere near a father of Huck or a...
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