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The definition of HRM is the process of managing person in organizations. Recently, the purpose of HRM is to make profit for companies, increase employee’s creativity and innovation. According to Patteron (2006), HRM could stimulate organizational development through facilitating the exploration of problems and promoting employees to expand their horizon and knowledge. In other words, HRM could develop organizational innovation through increasing employee creativity. In this situation, a firm would hire skilled workers to encourage their creative behaviors. In addition, in these processes, HRM practices play dominant role in developing employee’s creativity.

The article described six HRM practices including hiring and selection, reward, job design, teamwork, training and performance appraisal. Also, the authors tested and verified whether these practices would promote employee’s creativity through hypothesis, data collection (sample of 106 firms in China) and measuring. As a result, there are some practices could make contributions to employee’s creativity and organizational innovation, they are selection and hiring, reward, job design and teamwork. However, the other two practices may not positively relate to it, they are training and performance appraisal.

Selection and hiring:
Most company would pay much attention to employee selection and hiring because this process might directly lead to the company having skilled workers at the beginning. According to Sauz-vallea (2008), one of the important approach to develop employee creativity could be considered as staffing since employee creativity become to be a form of human capital. At the same year, Subromanian and Youndt (2008) said that the knowledge and skills would be the basement of the organizational innovation while recruiting talented workers could increase the level of that basement. In this situation, the method how to select and hire employees plays a dominant role for HRM. Firstly,...
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