How to Strengthen Technological Innovation Culture in Developing Countries

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How to Strengthen Technological Innovation Culture in Developing Countries


Aya Hosney

Seminar Thesis
Submitted to the Dr. Sherwate Elwan
at the Faculty of Management & Technology
German University in Cairo
Student(s) registration number(s): 10-6516
Date: 7 of December 2011
Supervisor: Dr. Sherwat Elwan

Table of Contents


2Aim or Goal3

3Theortical Background4

3.1Innovation Culture in Organization4
3.1.1Empowering employees towards new ideas:5
3.1.2Moving new thinking throughout the organization6
3.1.3The supervisor role in driving innovation7
3.1.4Concluding thought7
3.2Promoting innovation in developing countries8
3.2.1Innovation climates in developing countries10
3.2.2Innovation needs and opportunities in developing countries11 3.3Strengthen technological innovation culture in developing countries12 3.3.1Factors affecting improving technological innovation in developing countries13 3.3.2Innovation in developing countries14

3.3.3New Communication Technonologies for Devloping Countries15

4Research Gap17




Over the past decade, organizations have become worldwide increasingly aware of the drastic environment pressures facing business, these new demands offers opportunities for them to accomplish sustained growth through innovation.

Innovators win is the common message in much of today's business literature. The question is no longer why to innovate, but how to innovate. A recent trend in the evolution of innovation theory recognizes that not all good ideas come from inside the organization, ideas come from everywhere around us.

Innovation has not been available to all individuals and their societies; there is a fact that there are still countries in the developing world which lack proper access and their fundamentals innovations.

Well recently government in developing countries are prompting technology clusters is a desire to demonstrate their modernity by backing entrepreneurship and a start-up culture, also trying to refresh the national economic base by countering the declining level of innovation in large companies.

Most of the organizations now are shedding their central research and development facilities due to cost concerns, but on the other hand we have companies that are concentrated in Research and Development departments in their business units.

Aim or Goal

This paper examines how to strengthen innovation culture in developing countries; it also describes the image of organizing that underlies of innovation. There are specific activities of sustained innovation within the organization, also how mangers should organize for innovation.

Achieving innovation in an organization is a topic of interest for managers and academics as it is found that it strongly contributes to the development of sustainable competitive advantage and thus improves corporate performance.

Continuous innovation is becoming a necessity if the organizations want to stay competitive.

Leaders of organizations who desire innovation in their business cultures should ask for input in decision making and guide their staff members through creative thinking processes to ensure followers are on the right track.

Also some studies thinks strengthening technological innovation culture in developing countries based on imitation, improvement, local innovation and they think it can be successfully implemented in developing countries.

Theortical Background

1 Innovation Culture in Organization

Leadership development has evolved with the times. Today, engaging a workforce and grooming young employees for the future leadership positions requires a focus on innovation, creativity, and open communication (Wamae, 2009)....

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