How To Be a Good Salesperson

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Upon watching the video presentation 1, I was able to follow the sequence of the conversation between the buyer and the seller. The first thing that I have understood is a salesperson or seller needs to understand business well enough to help their dream clients or buyers improve their business. It’s also very helpful to have the situational knowledge that comes from having done lots of discovery sales calls and from actually helping clients. I believe that it is wiser to build first relationship before value. It’s good to know some things. It’s even better to know that there is far more that a seller doesn’t know.

The salesperson’s dream buyer expects him to have a strong foundational knowledge. He doesn’t expect him to know and understand what things mean within their own organization or to have knowledge of their experiences. It is a great help for the salesperson in the video presentation 1 of knowing his clients interests, hobbies and activities of the organization by means of asking the buyer’s nearest or closest people that commonly sees or know him, like his secretaries. It is a very good start to establish or build rapport with your buyer so that the buyer will have a good look towards you and the intention of having a good business is in good faith, and most especially gain the buyer’s trust. As salesperson, he must change his thinking. Instead of being so quick to push a solution, salesperson should think more like a doctor who ask questions to thoroughly diagnose problems prior to offering cures. Diagnostic conversations explore and evaluate the nature and full extent of a customer’s problem.

I am quite impressed the way the seller presented himself to the buyer. He uses a purposeful question to encourage thoughtful and detailed responses from his prospect buyer. He had done great listening skills. He does not only listens without internalizing his buyer’s issues but he listens more than just hearing. Meaning to say he is getting in touch with the buyer’s concerns and seeing to it that he can offer the great solution to the buyer in later part. I like the way he made a summary of the important factors in their conversation. When your dream client says: “We are struggling to improve our outputs here and costs are too high,” you could assume that you understand their dissatisfaction and that they want greater productivity and reduced costs. Fair enough. You might be tempted to stop right there, believing you know enough to present a solution. In the presentation, it is viewed there that the seller had made a great job on understanding the buyer’s situation.

A grown up business expertise, one that includes a brave, childlike curiosity, requires, more of the seller. Asking follow up questions to ensure that you understand: “Why are you struggling to improve your productivity,” and “Why this productivity improvement is such a high priority” and “What are the consequences of not improving your productivity here?” these such questions help the seller in the presentation achieved to know the buyer’s need particularly. In the presentation 1, the seller had most used adapt questioning system to assess the buyer’s situation. By using assessment questions, discovery questions, activation questions, projection questions, and transition questions, he was successfully interpreted and discovers the needs of the buyer.

Your experience may provide these answers. And it may not. Their experiences and ideas will answer these questions. Answering the question “why” will provide him with a greater understanding of his dream client’s motivation to change. It does help him understand the implications, as well as helping him to understand what really needs done to make an improvement. An effective needs analysis peels back more layers of the onion....
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