How Technology is Transforming Healthcare

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How Technology is Transforming Healthcare
Angela Carter
December 19, 2013
Linda Morrow

“How Technology Is Transforming HealthCare”

Technology in healthcare has been increasing in an alarming numbers over the last decade. It has become a race to treat more patients rather than to treat the issue and educate the patient to prevent further issues. Doctors years ago, spent more time educating their patients then the doctors do today. There appear to be more students entering medicine for the money rather than the love of the practice. Every minute spent educating a person on their health is a step closer to preventing the current issue and others to affect the patient. There is an old saying that says “sharing is caring.” If the doctors are not sharing this information it makes society wonder if they even care. The article that was selected is called “How Technology Is Transforming Healthcare”. This article highlights many devices in healthcare we use today, how we benefit from them and the path technology is leading us to. There is attention getting phrase in the beginning of the article that stated the world has been “Schumpetered.” This term is in reference to Joseph Schumpeter. (1) He is an Austrian economist that popularized the term ‘’creative destruction” to denote transformation that accompanies radical innovations. There will always be an individual using their unique mind for creation. The question is, “Does this invention help society, hinder society or is it a combination of the both?” This article does a great job sharing the opinion many others share as well. It captures the reality behind the glory of technology in healthcare.

This article can be summarized in a four word phrase listed in the article. It states that society has been radically transformed but creatively destroyed. It speaks about how medicine has transformed and has been so conservative to the point of being ossified. It points out how the government is...

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