Hitler and the Nazi Party

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The Nazi Party was not started by Adolf Hitler. But, without this popular politician, neither Hitler or the Nazi Party would have grown to be as big a success without one another.

Hitler became a part of the Nazi Party or National Socialist German Workers' Party in 1920. The Nazis called for the union of all German citizens to end the suffrage of what the Treaty of Versailles was doing to their country. This treaty stated that the country of Germany was to pay war damages to the countries who defeated them in World War I. Another point of the Nazi’s was to stripe any non-German or person of Jewish origin of their German citizenship (Hoffman).

Hitler was seeking a way to carry out his movements to the rest of Germany. While he traveled to Berlin for a visit to nationalist groups in 1921, his own Nazi Party held a revolt. They wanted to take Hitler’s leadership within the party away from him in Munich. The original members of the party’s committee considered Hitler to be too much of a dictator towards everything he did and they did not want that in the Nazi Party. To weaken Hitler's position, they formed alliances with several socialist groups from Augsburg. When word got to Hitler, he rushed back to Munich and counteracted them by announcing his resignation from the party on July 11, 1921 (Gavin).

The members of the Nazi party then became aware of how much the loss of Hitler would affect their organization. They realized it would be the end of their party without his popular vote. That is, until Hitler proposed he would come back to the Nazi Party only if he were to be elected chairman and given dictatorial powers.

The executive committee of the Nazi Party eventually backed down on their disagreements with Hitler and his demands were put to a vote for the party members. At the Nazi’s next gathering in July

29, 1921, Adolf Hitler was introduced as Führer of the Nazi Party, marking the first time that title was publicly used to address him. “Hitler...

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