Topics: School counselor Pages: 3 (1066 words) Published: May 29, 2013
High school Romance
By: Jayden Davis
Samantha and Jake were from Swansboro high school. Samantha was from Mrs. Woolsey’s class and Jake was from Ms .Greene’s class. It was June 9th 2009, two days before summer. That day was day that Samantha and Jake had finally been dating one year. That night Samantha and Jake went to dinner at Olive Garden. During their dinner Jake gave Samantha a beautiful necklace. It was a heart shaped gold charm put on a pure golden chain, on the heart it had “I love you” engraved on it. Then as she looked a little bit closer right beside it, it did not have her name it had the name of her worst enemy Emma. Then it got worse Emma was from Ms. Greene’s class. Jake had made the terrible mistake of cheating on Samantha with Emma and then getting them the same necklace. Now the year was 2013, everybody knew that Ms. Greene’s class and Mrs. Woolsey’s class hated each other because of what happened four years before. The day was bound to come when somebody from Ms. Greene’s and somebody from Mrs. Woolsey’s class liked each other. Nobody knew it would take this long for it to happened, but it did. One dreadful day for everybody at Swansboro high school was when Maddy P. and Dawson R. started to like each other. Maddy was a sweet young girl. She had long beautiful dirty blonde hair, she was from New York, and my oh my, was she was a Yankee. Dawson, he was as redneck and southern as they come. He was buff; he had short brown hair, and a strong country accent. Maddy and Dawson were completely opposite, that is why nobody understood why they liked each other and to top it off they were from enemy classes. Dawson was from Mrs. Woolsey’s and Maddy was from Ms. Greene’s.

Sense Maddy and Dawson liked each other the whole school got involved. Almost all of the school fought. After about a week Maddy and Dawson decided they would secretly date. Then one day during second period Jayden (Maddys best friend) decided to go fight Dawson’s best...
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