Gsk: Internal Innovation Strategy

Topics: Research, Control theory, Innovation Pages: 6 (1893 words) Published: February 13, 2011
Answer 2 …… Glaxosmithkline (GSK ), a research and development firm seeking to be excel in internal innovation through research on eight therapy areas- biopharmaceuticals, immune-inflammation, infectious diseases, metabolic pathways, neuroscience, oncology, ophthalmology and respiratory. To address these areas the firm in 2008 created 70 Discovery Performance Unit (DPUs) for future growth of the company. These 70 DPUs can affect the implementation effort in following ways to achieve success in the field of internal innovation which result in development of vaccines for the diseases identified by the World Health Organization. a) In order to reduce the time in screening and evaluating more ideas and product, so that judgments can be on which innovation to initiate support for or continue to promote it for marketable product. b) In addition to development of new product for external use, GSK will be able to make changes in its R & D structure to improve the technology for internal use. c) Since 70 DPUs are made of small and compact integrated team, who are working together for a multiple defined projects. Hence, these cross- functional teams would be able to share lessons and build a knowledge based culture which result in enhancing skills of individual in order to develop new forms of old product with technological innovation. d) As we aware that approx 14850 people are directly engage in research to discover new medicines.

In order to generate and aligning strong personal belief and values in every employee behavior in respect of organizations values and goal, so that effort can be made to produce new ideas that add value in the market place.

Secondly, allows you to allocate ample resources to critical activities in order to achieve defined goal to outperform its competition.

To ensure that implementation of 70 DPUs on eight therapy is successful, I would like to suggest that GSK should introduce “Reward & Recognition “ programs for individual and teams who act as a key domain in the business to work on innovation. In R & D organizations, where output is difficult to measure relatively accurately by the financial data and it is difficult to distinguish the contribution of each member to project achievement , aside from the monitory reward system it is suggested that the use of professional accreditations, scientific publications, seminar attendance and patents can also be used. This will help in building long term relationship between employees and employer and reduce the fear of losing good people.

Answer 3 …… In pharmaceutical industry, company such as GSK who seek to be excel in internal innovation through primary research in identified areas by the World Health organization- HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. It is important to pursue and carryout basic and applied research and developing models by planning, implementing and examine the process of evaluating and controlling internal innovation. Following steps results in development of new and modified products or process to fulfill the requirement of specific market segment by providing vaccines for identified disease. By acknowledging the concept of 70 DPUs to improve efficiency and focus with regard to its internal innovation process which result in generating far more ideas and product that it can support during any given time. These ideas need to be evaluated on prescribed benchmarking standards and objectives on the company by following means… For more advance and long term projects in the environment of high uncertainty, leading to major changes i.e. radical ( e.g. Genetic research in a pharmaceutical laboratory ), a relative comparison of project or ideas should be made on the basis of respective technical quality and potential business value. Technical Quality- by understanding the clarity of project goals, extent of market penetration barrier, availability of suitable skills and facilities in the...
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