GSCM206_Week 1 Assignment Hard Rock Cafe Case Study JZ

Topics: Supply chain management Pages: 3 (565 words) Published: October 10, 2015

Week One – Hard Rock Cafe Case Study
Julissa Zaro
GSCM206 Managing Supply Operations
DeVry University
Professor:  Jeffery Cousin

Some of the changes they company has implemented since its inception in 1971 have a lot to do with their goal to create a unique experience for their clients. These changes are reflected in the following areas: a) Design of goods and services

b) Managing quality
c) Process and capacity design
d) Location strategy
e) Layout strategy
f) Human resources and job design
g) Supply chain management
h) Inventory
i) Scheduling
j) Maintenance

a) This concept, (Hard Rock Café) is determined about offering their patrons an amazing experience of rock and roll atmosphere as well as excellent food. However, this experience is not restricted to the items on their menu selection. They merged the good food with their memorabilia and the rock and roll ambiance, which makes the experience difficult to be duplicated by any other restaurant. b) Hard Rock Cafe has high standards of customer satisfaction; therefore, they conduct appraisals (reviews) on a regular basis to ensure their levels of customer satisfaction do not go below their standards. c) Every menu item is designed and tested to be cost efficient in every aspect: ingredients cost, labor requisites to have customer satisfaction by using only ingredients provided by approved and qualified vendors. d) They thrive to choose the right market for their brand and go there at when the time is right. Narrowing down their search for key locations from states to cities and then to specific areas. e) Their kitchen design has the perfect flow from food prep/bar with a perfectly creative floor plan with revenue maximization in mind. This is perfectly strategized in every location, from the memorabilia items, music, merchandise and visuals, is all placed purposely. f) People who has an excitement for music and enjoy being part of a great experience to...

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