Growth of Industries

Topics: Innovation, Research and development, Disability Pages: 1 (287 words) Published: March 16, 2013
Q1. In write an essay, on the need to employ foreign labour in the businesses in Maldives,why do you think the need for specialized jobs would further increased over the years? (6marks) 1. Growing industry

Growth of industries will be a factor for increase in specialized jobs.Growth of industry means growing of earnings or revenue faster than the market.When industry grows number of people doing multitasking will decreases so that more specialized jobs increases. 2. Better facilities

When business expands customers will expect more facilities than before.Moreover they need better facilities for all range of costumers.For example disable people are also want to enjoy their tip, to make that happen firms or organizations can employ specialized workrs for disables. 3. Technological advancements

Due to technological changes firm need to hire or train the people who are in their respective jobs.Moreover change in technological advancement firms need to obtain advance machines.Thus increases the assets of the firm. 4. Research and development

Research and development is by the means of which business can experience further growth by developing new products or to improve or to expand there operations.This would include exploring to new markets,invention of newer techniques such as advertising on new tourist destinations.However to research and develop special skill,knowledge and experience is required 5. Innovation

Innovation is the development of new values through solutions that meet the new requirements and the market need.This can be achieved by ideas that are readily available to markets.However there will be huge difference between inventions and innovations. 6. Consultants

Those who provide professional or expert advises in particular areas such as security,accounting,law and any other specialized fields
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