Graduation Night

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Graduation Night
Graduation is the ending of one of the biggest parts of a person’s life. Every year, seniors look forward to walking across that line and receiving their diplomas. The one thing that most don’t expect though, is to find out that their name won’t be called out in front of families, friends, and teachers because of one stupid mistake they did during their last year. I never realized the importance and the consequences of my mistakes in high school until I was told that I might not graduate with my senior class.

Like most seniors, I started off senior year on a good note. I was serious about going to college and realized I had to get my priorities straight. So with the help of my mother, I became organized, turned in all my assignments on time, applied for colleges and so on. Things were looking out great for me and I was sure I had senior year covered and in the bag. All I needed to do was ride it out and wait for college to come around so I could begin the rest of my life.

During this time, I had stepped into the role of being the Battalion Commander for the Trojan Battalion in the Barren County High School Junior Reserved Officer Training Corps or also known as JROTC. I was finally top dog, the woman in charge, and it was the greatest feeling ever. I had hopes and goals that I would lead the JROTC into the next level with my best friend, David Pippin, at my side. I knew the challenges that were up against me and I knew that I had the hardest job in the battalion but I wasn’t going to let that stop me from being the best I was.

From that point on in my senior year, I became the multi-tasker. I was balancing a job at Kentucky Fried Chicken on four to five nights a week, my position as Commander and doing what’s best for the cadets and on top of that trying to keep up with school work and the tasks of being a senior. Things began to slip by me and before I knew it I was slowly descending into the norm of senioritis. Everything was becoming hectic and I learned quickly that I couldn’t do it all. Especially not alone, I needed the help of others.

In January, I stepped down from the position of Battalion Commander and handed it off to someone I knew could lead the organization better than I was. I was still slipping away and I remember the words of David Pippin saying “Don’t worry about it, this year is almost over,” while driving us to his house for a night of relaxation and good ole fun with our buddies. I no longer had a care in the world for my studies and priorities. My life had just gotten easier with being relieved of my duties and I thought I had it all figured out with no worries. That sounds like most seniors at this point, right? Of course it does, why should they be worried? Graduation is right around the corner.

But all too soon, my perfect world began to fall apart right before my eyes. I received my third progress report at the beginning of March. Up until this point my parents still had no knowledge of what my grades were and I was too busy running around with my friends to care. My report showed that if things didn’t change drastically that I would fail my English VI class for the entire year, forcing me to sit on the sidelines and watch my friends walk the line. That so wasn’t happening in my books! I raced to Mrs. Humphrey’s room begging for her advice in how to improve my grade and pass. The next few words out of her mouth would be what it takes to knock me the rest of the way off my mountain.

“It’ll take a miracle, Jeanne Ann.” She said in the nicest way any teacher could at that point. I answered her earth-shattering reply quietly with “I don’t need a miracle, all I need is your patience and help, which is something I don’t deserve at this point.” Bless that old soul though, Mrs. Humphrey was never a...
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