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A simple definition of orgazational change is ‘new ways of organizing and working’ it is the process of moving from some current state to some future state that, whether planned or unplanned, compromises the unexpected and unforeseen as well as the expected. Questions like how does useful innovation happen in an organization or how do you encourage innovation are the questions faced by many organizations in today’s economy. Rather than survive as organization, there is a new strategy to survive which innovation; innovating knowledge sharing and creating within the organisation.


I’m going to discuss how innovation can be used to support knowledge sharing/creation and learning in an organization. Businesses emphasize knowledge management for a number of reasons, one is to encourage innovation. Bessant and Tidd (2007;29) summarise innovation as ‘ the process of translating ideas into useful - and used - new products, processes and services’. Innovation can take many forms but these can largely be reduced to four dimensions of production innovation, process innovation, position innovation and paradigm innovation. They view innovation as a process involving the generation of innovation possibilities, Andriopoulos and Dawson (2009;28).

Processes of Business

Businesses are continually changing to achieve competitive advantage through innovation and productivity improvements; as a result ways to design and change processes are becoming increasingly important, such process change almost takes place continuously and is called process innovation.. Process innovation has a goal to create processes that encourage innovation throughout the business throughout the business. Processes must be chosen to fit the problem. There are many processes that can be used to encourage innovation but there aren’t any rules that will guarantee innovation outcomes, it is usually a matter of encouraging knowledge sharing behaviour...
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