Geox: Breathing Innovation into Shoes Case Analysis

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Geox: Breathing Innovation into Shoes
Case Analysis


Geox is an Italian shoe and clothing company that started in 1995. Its products are available through over 10,000 stores around the world. The founder of the company, Mario Moretti Polegato, has built a company by offering a world an innovative concept of “shoes that breathe.” The company's brand-named shoe technology combines vented soles with breathable membranes that allow humidity and heat to escape while still providing protection from the elements. Product lines include casual and dress shoes for men and women, as well as children's shoes. Geox has also adapted its technology for use in jackets and coats. Today, Geox holds the position of a second largest manufacturer of casual footwear market, but it is choosing the right strategy to improve its positions in other markets, renew its products while staying competitive.

SWOT analysis

In order to set specific growth objectives for Geox, first, we need to evaluate the company’s current position. We used SWOT analysis to determine the company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Patented innovative technology, constant focus on research and development Cross-market positioning for products
Brand recognition 
A growing presence on international markets
Vast distribution network
Optimized production
High cost of research and development
Patent protection costs

New-product development to attract new customers
Expansion to new markets
Diversifying the production to include sports footwear

Highly competitive industry
Other companies’ similar technology development
Economy and demand fluctuations
Instable political climate


Reaching the leading position in the casual lifestyle market Differentiating the product line
Expanding to emerging markets
Developing new products

Growth Strategies

Overall, first half of 2009...
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