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Training and development is the heart of a continuous effort to improve employee competency and organizational performance. Training provides learners with knowledge and skills needed for their present job. Showing a worker how to operate a machine or a supervisor how to schedule daily productions are examples of training. Whereas development involves learning that goes beyond today’s job and has a more long term focus. It prepares employees to keep track with the organization as it changes and grows. “Training and development activities have the potential to align a firm’s employees with its corporate strategies”: A Gateway to Organizational Success,” HR Magazine 53 (March 2008):1-9. Some possible strategic benefits of Training & Development include employee satisfaction, dedication to a common goal, higher retention, lower turnover, improved hiring a better bottom line and the fact that satisfied employees produce satisfied customers. Customers are continuously requiring higher quality, lower costs, and faster cycle times. In order to achieve customer’s satisfaction and improve overall performance, firms must keep training employees and keep developing skills and performance. Objective of this research study is to learn how important training and development is in an organization and a company and how effective are the trained employees compared to normal workers. The motive of this research is also to prove that with right development skills a company might be the leading company.

Training and Development is one of human resource management functions. Training and Development is plays a vital part of fostering a qualified and highly skilled employee. Of instance, Genting Berhad, so called as the Group, is doing very well with the training and development of the employee. The Genting Group provided a lot of training program for their employee and it did fostered out a lot qualified employees. Training is as importance as the development of an organization. Genting Group is integral in terms of the training and development of employee. Its five teams of trained employee, who participated at the regional-based National Productivity Corporation, have won four gold awards and one silver awards (Genting Malaysia Berhad, 2012). However, the employees fostered to in line with one of their objectives of be responsive to the changing demands of our customers and excel in providing quality products and services. For a company to have an excellent T&D system, it must follow a T&D process to make it the system work efficiently and effectively. There are five step of it as below (R. Wayne Mondy, 2010). From the overview of Genting Group, it did analyzed and determined the needs of the employee or new comer as first step. T&D method is implemented after the determination of the needs. Genting Group has established its Genting-Star Tourism Academy institution with the objective of supporting the Genting Hong Kong and other joint venture group. This academy institution has the knowledge of determining the newcomer internal ability and then enhances their ability to make it adaptable to all corporate setting. In this academy institution, there is group of seasoned trainers that manned by locally and internationally certified trainer and they have many years of experience that made them with a name of seasoned. By having such a professional group of trainer, this is showing that the Genting Group follows the general theory of Training and Development (T&D) Process to improve service. The T&D consists of 5 important steps. Followed by the next stage which is establishing specific T&D objectives, The Genting Group has established its significant objectives as guidance for direction. The training like safety and health audit is frequently performed to examine the environmental and legislative compliance of the employee. Other than that, the Group is conducting Monthly Talks for...

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