gay marriage

Topics: Same-sex marriage, Marriage, Homosexuality Pages: 3 (1086 words) Published: April 27, 2014
Persuasive Speech: Gay Adoption OUTLINE FORMAT SPEECH #3 HEADING 1. NAME: 2. TOPIC: Homosexual Adoptions 3. GENERAL PURPOSE (5): To persuade 4. SPECIFIC PURPOSE (5): To persuade the audience that homosexual couples should be allowed to adopt children 5. CENTRAL IDEA (5) SPEECH AS DELIVERED 1. INTRODUCTION (5) (w... Premium 800 Words 4 Pages Gay Marriage Outline for Speech or Essay Specific Purpose: To educate and persuade my audience. Central Idea: That homosexual couples should be allowed to get married. Introduction I. How many people have always dreamed of getting married? A. I know as a little girl I always dreamed of having a wedding of my own, but that dream of mi... Premium 832 Words 4 Pages Gay Marriage Rights (Persuasive Essay) After the legalizations in Massachusetts and, most recently, California, gay marriage has been a growing trend in the United States. In the 8 months since the legalization, more and more gay couples have been rushing to California to tie the knot. However, California and Massachusetts are not the fi... Premium 849 Words 4 Pages Gay Marriage Speech Gay Marriage 1. Introduction A. Many people today talk about the sanctity of marriage. This belief is part of the reason why many people believe that gay marriage should not be legalized in America. To these people I pose the question, is marriage really all that sacred in this country and wo... Premium 1464 Words 6 Pages Persuasive Outlines for Gay Marriage There are differences in a persuasive and informative speech. First, a persuasive speech means to influence your listeners to change their way of thinking to yours through factual and logical information. A persuasive speech will get your listeners to re-evaluate their view on a topic and change th... Premium 291 Words 2 Pages Gay Marriage Arguentatve Persuasive Essay Should Gay Couples be Aloud to Marry Gay marriages are currently illegal in the Unites States. The prohibition of gay marriages is wrong because it is a prominent...
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