Formulating Technological Innovation Strategy

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Running Title: Formulating Technological Innovation Strategy

Formulating Technological Innovation Strategy

Managing Technological Innovation

Formulating Technological Innovation Strategy

OBTPS Market Position determination
Old Bridge Township Public Schools offer many different features that attract parents to the City of Old Bridge. OBTPS offers pre-school disabled programs, twelve top notch elementary schools that offer a blue ribbon level education for kindergarten through fifth grade students, two Middle Schools and an award winning High School. Students are exposed to a rigorous, quality, completely free education from pre-school to High School that prepares them for top colleges around the country. What distinguishes other school districts in the state is that we are a hub for some of the top teachers in New Jersey who specialize in Special Education services from our top notch pre-schools that cater specifically to children with mild to severe learning disabilities. Our football team at the High School boasts many wins over the competition and our community often shows their OBTPS Spirit with the roar of “Go Knights!” Parents in general, are searching for a safe, stable place to raise their children. Old Bridge Township Public Schools will give these parents a place to watch their children learn and grow into extraordinary adults. With one of the best free educations available in New Jersey OBTPS Core Competencies

Old Bridge Townships Core Competencies are the education model of the district and the district wide push toward technological leadership. Our education model focuses on standards and accountability, zero social promotion, the importance of reading, and improving teacher quality with professional development. We are currently pushing toward technological

Formulating Technological Innovation Strategy

advancements with the implementation of iPads in the class room and implementing...

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