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Troy Maxson came to Pittsburgh in the early 1940’s to escape the racial prejudice of the Jim Crow south. Troy Maxson grew up with his dad who didn’t care about any kids, sometimes he wishes he hadn’t known his daddy. A kid to his dad was nothing; all he wanted was for you to learn how to walk so he could start you to working. When it came to time to eat he ate first, if there was none left over that was what you get, nothing. He would sit down and eat two chickens and then give you the wing. Troy’s mom couldn’t stand Troy’s dad she had run off when Troy was about eight, she had sneaked off one night when he had gone to sleep and never came back. Troy’s dad wasn’t good for nobody.

Troy decided at the age of fourteen that he was done and he had run off on his own. He walked on down two hundred miles to Mobile and then got a ride from some guys that was heading to Pittsburgh. When he got up there he found out that you couldn’t get a job or find some place to live. It was hard for him so he went out stealing food, then he thought if he steal money then he could just buy the food. After all that that’s when Troy met Lyons mom and then had him which made it harder because now he had to provide for himself, Lyons and Lyons mom now he was out there stealing three times as much. One day he was going to rob someone and he pulled out his knife and the guy pulled out his gun and that’s when the attack started. Troy was told he had killed the fellow and they put Troy in penitentiary for fifteen years.

While Troy was locked up he had met Bono and they became best friends and that’s where he learned to play baseball. When Troy left he went out looking for Lyons mama and she was long gone with Lyons. He said fifteen years was a long time for her to wait, but those fifteen years cured him of robbing and stuff. Afterwards, Troy met Rose and told her, “Baby, you know you’ll always be number one with me.” Now it’s been eighteen years since Troy and Rose been married and they...
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