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Topics: Sugar, Food, Innovation Pages: 1 (199 words) Published: November 17, 2014
Chapter 1


People nowadays always wanted to invent or innovate different kinds of foods, specially

desserts. Filipino food products has mostly different types of innovated food that consumers can pick

any varieties they wanted they think of. A two filipino dessert foods combined into one, Puto and

Leche flan(Creme Caramel). The product has been named “Faun de Puto”.

The researchers gathered an idea to innovate the dish that is something new and is made by our

own version and will suffice the interest of foreign and local peoples that has a sweet tooth with an

optimal sweetness of the product and for someone who likes to taste a different style of Puto or Leche


The researchers wanted to sell the product at reasonable price without sacrificing the taste and

texture of the Faun de Puto and to be able to improve the product by using other kinds of ingredients

and to recognize the product that has been innovated by the researchers.

Background of the study

This product proposal purpose is to serve valued customers a new product dish that will enjoy

by adults and young ones by two main product Puto and Leche flan.

Needs and Purpose
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